In many home nurseries around the globe, bassinets have replaced cribs during the early days of life. They offer a more natural living atmosphere, something a newborn is more accustomed to while living in the womb and has been proven to create a better environment for sleep. For parents, their more versatile then cribs as they offer a way to assure the baby’s safe as they’re more portable and can be placed closer to the parent’s bed.

When looking to match the décor or theme of the nursery, there is one type of bassinet which has no limits. White bassinets are by far the most versatile type as they’re gender neutral and can easily match everything else in the room. Also, when looking at the numerous options they’re by far the most prevalent bassinets on the market today.

This review looks the 8 Best White Bassinets in 2020 while detailing the many reasons why.

Arm’s Reach Concepts Natural Clear-Vue Bassinet Review



  • Perfect height
  • Easy to adjust
  • Portable and cozy
  • Sophisticated color scheme
  • Large storage bag


  • The light color scheme of the bassinet gets dirty quickly

Claiming the top spot in this review is a Arm’s Reach bassinet which is highlighted by the Clear-Vue design. When it comes to comfort and stability, there is no better feeling for mom and dad when they see their baby always. The Clear-Vue concept provides maximum visibility thanks to the unique design giving parents a piece of mind.

This co-sleeper offers more versatility then most bassinets as it allows parents and babies to sleep right next to each other giving both the security you need. When it comes to the first weeks of life, there is no better feeling for both while also allowing mom to draw her mother closer in times of comfort, nurturing and feeding.

Big Oshi Madison Bassinet Review



  • Spacious and comfortable
  • Strong frame and durable
  • Light in weight and portable
  • Getting babies in and out is easy
  • Comes in different colors


  • Maximum weight limit is quite low compared to other bassinets

Big Oshi introduced a compact bassinet which scores an 8.7 out of 10 and is one of the best bargains in this review. The Madison is made of a polyester fill, polyester and fabric composite giving you a durable, and machine washable solution. When it comes to value this bassinet is just that and was specifically designed to accommodate newborns to 15 pounds.

The Madison includes the mattress, fitted sheet, and both are machine washable. The top canopy is fully adjustable and under the bassinet sits a storage basket perfect for toys and other accessories you want to keep close. The steel frame makes it more durable, but remains lightweight making it light enough to easily move from room to room.  

Simmons Royalton Kids Beautyrest Studio Gliding Bassinet Review



  • Very solid, sturdy and durable material
  • light in weight, therefore it is easy to carry and lift
  • Perfect combo of toys and music attached to the bassinet
  • Unlike other bassinets, this one is certified and follows the safety guidelines


  • Not very easy to assemble
  • Color of the basket and canopy fabric doesn’t match

The 3rd best white bassinet this year is the Beautyrest Studio which gives you the functionality to glide and sleep. This bassinet is recommended for newborns to 15 pounds or until your little one can get up to their knees and hands on their own and includes standard features most others miss out on.

Simmons Royalton doesn’t have a wide selection, but if they keep introducing white bassinets like this it doesn’t matter. Out of the box you get a 1-inch mattress that’s water resistant, caster wheels that lock, fitted sheet and an electric mobile arm that plays music, a nightlight, vibrates, and variable speed.  

Badger Basket Majesty Baby Bassinet with Canopy Review



  • Comes with wheels which provide easy transportation
  • Comfortable bedding
  • Storage basket for assistance of mother
  • Comes with a top canopy
  • Amazing design and color scheme


  • The mattress is thin

The Majesty bassinet claims the 4th spot in this review and has become one of the best-selling models from one of the most popular manufacturers of bassinets. The unique style and look that Badger Basket introduced into their lineup of bassinets are something you won’t see in other models including the Majesty which is one of the most unique.

The Majesty includes a white canopy and full white skirt that covers a shelf which sits under the bassinet. The shelf itself offers great storage capacity and can be used to hold toys or other baby accessories. You’ll get everything you need including a foam pad, fitted sheet and bedding set and all are machine washable.  

Lamont Home Good Night Baby Bassinet with Full White Skirt Review



  • Cheap in price
  • Provides a good comfort to the baby
  • Safe and secure
  • Comes with proper assembly instructions
  • Keeps the air flow good with the ventilation holes on each side


  • Thin mattress
  • Not very high quality

This baby bassinet from Lamont Home is better suited for girls then boys as it features a pink accent at the top of the skirt. The clean contemporary look makes it popular for those looking for an elegant look that is simple to match any nursery theme or color. Offering great value with amazing comfort and ventilation which helps promote a comfy atmosphere needed for your baby’s first days of life.

Lamont Home introduced this white bassinet a couple of years ago, and since has become one of the top-sellers on Amazon. Priced to sell as it provides the best in-class safety features including a 4-point locking system which is lacking in most models. Other features include a storage shelf, full white skirt, wide base, and sides that are well ventilated which helps promote peaceful sleep.

Dream on Me Lacy Portable 2-in-1 Bassinet Review



  • Easy to assemble
  • Eye-catchy appearance and attractive design
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Ideal for 0 to 5 months old infant
  • Compact yet spacious


  • Can only withstand up to 15 pounds heavy infants
  • May not benefit you in a long run

Dream on Me introduced an amazing portable white bassinet which has 2-in-1 functionality. If you’re looking to get the most for your money, then this is a great choice which doubles as a cradle when the wheels are locked in an up position. The wheels also make it portable which is something you don’t see in all models and necessary if you are planning on moving it from room to room.

The lightweight Lacy bassinet is lightweight, but more durable then it looks. The long white skirt gives it a luxurious look while the sleeping area is more spacious then most. Included is a 1-inch mattress pad that meets all safety standards from the ASTM and CPSC giving parents the security they need.

Badger Basket Elegance Round Baby Bassinet Review



  • Provides a comfortable nap to the baby
  • Storage shelf included
  • Made with strong and durable material
  • Various designs
  • Soft fabric


  • Expensive
  • Low quality plastic beneath the bassinet

This elegant white bassinet from Badger Basket didn’t get the name of Elegance for no reason, and one look at it and you’ll see why. This round, spacious, and uniquely designed bassinet has become a favorite among parents looking for an amazing look from one of the most reputable brands in the business.

The Elegance features a white canopy and full skirt which covers the base which includes a shelf for storage. Other features include caster wheels and a full set of machine washable bedding including a fitted sheet, canopy, foam pad, bumper and skirt. When looking at what Badger Basket includes in this package you would expect the price to be more, which is why it’s become a top-seller on Amazon.

Badger Basket Portable Bassinet N Cradle with Toybox Base Review



  • Soft bedding gives maximum comfort
  • Canopy provides the right shade
  • Can be used as a cradle too
  • Comes with transportation wheels


  • Does not come with hardware
  • Assembling is quite difficult

This portable bassinet and cradle combo finishes out this review which includes a toy box at the base for convenient storage. When it comes to space there is no better option for rooms lacking and comes in aggressively priced for those looking for a white bassinet. When it comes to comfort, value and craftsmanship, its no wonder why this model claims the 8th spot in this review.

Badger Basket has a huge lineup of bassinets as they offer an inspiring look with every model. The contemporary look of this portable model is seen in the high-quality finish and one of the biggest pros consumers continually rave about. The biggest advantage of this model is the added functionality of easily converting it into a larger toy box when your little one outgrows the bassinet.


When looking at the best white bassinets available in 2020, it’s easy to see why they’ve become so popular. Some of the biggest brands in children’s furniture made this list which is no surprise and there probably are some names you may never heard of. We’ve looked at every model to assure we have the best of the best which is ultimately, what we do best.

If you have any experience with any of the above or if you feel we left one off this list, please tell us about it in the comment section below.